If only I was a caged bird

If only I was a caged bird

I would have woke up to see the bars

And through them, the longing sky,

The tattooed horizon copulating with the universe.

There would have been a purpose in my life

The freedom I would have been hungry for

The clipped feathers I would have cried over

Seen through the deceitful lies of my captor

And identified the fakeness of my visitors.

The genuine nonsense of the hours of socializing

The generosity of those few lonely hours

The luxury of being at peace with myself

Pathetic living of life for the sake of life alone.


Sometimes, half-baked liberation

Is torturous than being a slave.


I’m said to be in a sanctuary of sorts

I’m assured to be protected from the wild

I’m instructed that there is no destiny

I’m ordered to forget the existence of my volition

I can’t rubbish these tagged safeguards

And call them absurd, instead,

I’m taught to believe that I can’t fly.


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